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The attractive and beautiful villages of Ameland are definitely worth a visit.

Nes makes you curious

The vibrant village of Ameland is a starting point par excellence. A village that was once dominated by though commanders. Captains of whaling expressed their stamp on the street scene. Characteristic houses from the 17th and 18th century still breathe the heyday of hunting the Northern polar seas. Tip: have a look at the 'muizetandjes' in the façades. Two ledges with pointed pebbles in the home of a commander, one row less for the helmsman. Protected village face. No wonder. But Nes is much more than historical tribute.

Buren is a special village

Buren is surrounded by dunes and meadows with cows and sheep. However, Buren did develop. The cosy village heart is formed by shops, cafés and welcoming terraces, who vouch for cosy liveliness. 

Hollum exceeds in highlights

The well-preserved historical heart of Hollum still breathes a maritime past. In the beautiful Commander's houses that shelter together. Houses as those of captain Pieter Cornelis Sorgdrager, converted into a museum that still bears his name honourably. Also the oldest house of Ameland (1615) is located in the centre of Hollum.

A walk through Ballum is a walk through history

The authentic village character of this modest core is preserved to this day. Logical that Ballum is a protected village. Beautiful buildings, whose age carves on the rusty wall anchors, dominate the street scene. Eye-catcher is without any doubt the of yellow stones erected tower, a few metres from the reformed church. Guests sipping carefree of a 'Nobeltje' (the 'house drink' of Ameland), wander through a museum full of nostalgia or enjoy outdoor activities.