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Ameland is home to 4 cosy beach pavilions, each with its own surprisingly delicious dishes. Each village has a unique beach pavilion. Looking out over the vast sea, you can enjoy a nice drink, a delicious meal or simply a good conversation. Now that is enjoyment.

Beach pavilion 't Strandhuys in Buren is characterised by its wide terrace. It adds even more charm to your personal beach experience. Besides an extensive dinner, you can also come here for a refreshing ice cream or drink during your walk on the beach.

A combination of street food, classics and Mediterranean. Beach pavilion Sjoerd in Nes makes it happen! Thanks in part to its delicious dishes, Sjoerd was named best Beach Pavilion of De Wadden in 2018. You are welcome to experience the unbridled cosiness and relaxed atmosphere for yourself.

Located on the cycle path and around the corner from Strandpaviljoen Ballum, you will find nature reserve Het Groene Strand. Numerous walking and cycling routes can be found here. Venture out and fall into the soft cushions of Strandpaviljoen Ballum afterwards. Or just come and take a breath of fresh air. Even then there may be a nice spot in the sun for you.

The Sunset Hollum, unique for its dazzling view over Terschelling. And with good visibility, you even have the chance to see a piece of the mainland of Friesland. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch with summer beats blasting through the speakers at the "Ibiza of the Netherlands". Would you like to come and experience The Sunset for yourself after a beach visit? Then if you wish, you can take a refreshing shower to wash away the grains of sand.