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Wadden excursions, fun!

The mudflats are the parts of the Wadden Sea that fall dry at low tide. The mudflats dry out twice a day. This gives you the opportunity to walk on it. There are many interesting mudflat excursions on Ameland to learn more about the mudflats themselves. During the mudflat walking tour, you take a walk on the mudflats and get explanations from a guide. The origins, management, threats and especially the enormous natural value of the mudflats are then discussed. In this beautiful nature reserve, you will find many surprises from the realm of flora and fauna.

It is also possible to take a seal tour. The seal tour is a trip on the Wadden Sea with the highlight being a visit to the nature reserve where the seals stay.

The Wadden Sea is a very dynamic area. The landforms are constantly changing. Animals and plants have to cope with extreme conditions such as ebb and flow, hot and cold, and fresh and salt water. The adaptation of flora and fauna to the environment is unique. It creates a special interaction between animals, plants and landscape.

On a shell tour, you will see beautiful shells and can disembark to take a half-hour walk on the dried-up seabed. Experience the fantastic view from the sea on the island and see the beauty of Ameland from a different perspective.

Visit VVV Ameland to see if an excursion is planned during your stay on Ameland. Discover the beauty of the Unesco World Heritage Site '