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Nature centre & barefoot path

Natuurcentrum Ameland has a provocative Barefoot Path. Here, you walk on sand, shells, gravel and the forest path. You can combine a visit to the Barefoot Path with a visit to Nature Centre Ameland. Of course, it is also ideal for a children's party. The shoes can be left in a shoe box or you can take them with you in a special shoe bag.

Besides the Barefoot Path, you can also do many other fun activities such as a beach excursion, mudflat hiking, mudflat tours, safari Kooiduinen, feeding fish or even a lighthouse tour.

Natuurcentrum Ameland has a wonderful aquarium, a landscape room and practical room. In the Water Theatre, you enter the underwater world full of life. On the first floor, you will especially learn more about porpoises, sperm whales and seals. You will also be amazed by the number of beautiful fish living in the aquarium. The fish in the aquarium are fed at a fixed time and the experts enthusiastically explain certain fish species.