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Ameland Adventure

Ameland Adventure makes your holiday on Ameland more interesting, exciting, active and challenging! At Ameland Adventures you push your limits in a safe way and experience a great day. From archery and beach sailing to bubble football and kite buggying. It's all possible at Ameland Adventures! You can come here with small groups, but large groups are also welcome.

Ameland Adventure also offers you the possibility of surfing. The first surfing lesson takes about 1.5 hours and will also focus on the theoretical part. The theoretical part lasts about 15 minutes, and then you'll skim over Ameland's high waves for the first time! Seven participants can join each certified instructor. There is also the option of taking private lessons. The instructor will then go out on the water with you alone. Different surfing techniques are covered, and you get more personal attention than group lessons. With a private lesson, you will master the technique faster and wave surfing will be even easier for you.