Rent a cottage on Ameland

You are looking for a cottage where you can spend your holiday on the beautiful island of Ameland? Don’t look further! At Metz Rentals you are at the right place. Since 2002 we let luxury cottages on Ameland. Every year we welcome many loyal and satisfied customers.

Comfortable cottages for rent on Ameland

The cottages in our selection all have a very stylish decor and are equipped with all modern and convenient devices. This ensures that you can enjoy a carefree holiday on Ameland. The relaxed attitude and friendliness of its inhabitants create the special atmosphere of Ameland.

More than 50 cottages on Ameland

On this site you can easily find and book the cottage in which you would like to spend your holiday. We have a range of over 50 different cottages, spread throughout Ameland. Our cottages can accommodate from 2 people to 12 people. So whether you have a small or a large family, you can always find the cottage which suits your whishes.

Simply relax on Ameland?

Then take a look at our cottages on Ameland! On this site you can book a holiday cottage directly!